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The perfect healthy, comfortable atmosphere for energy, health and vitality!

You would like to...
stay healthy?
be able sleep through the night again?
strengthen your immune system?
breathe in healthy fresh air?
have a fresh, clear, velvet skin?
… and you love the sea air?

Then we recommend you to visit our MeerKlimaSauna.

Relax in attractive, stylish surroundings and breathe in health. 
With the aid of modern medical technology, in our MeerKlimaSauna (sea-climate sauna, 55 °C) we create the warm sea climate with negatively ionised oxygen and dry, micro-fine mineral salt steam. This combination creates a highly effective, invigorating sea climate with many beneficial effects. Regular use of this facility is beneficial especially for relieving chronic respiratory and skin complaints.
On account of its anti-inflammatory effect, salt steam therapy can also be used for the prevention of colds.
 This promotes an increased blood oxygen level and increases the regenerative capacity and performance output of the body as a whole.

In our MeerKlimaSauna you can enjoy the many benefits of a sea-climate right on your doorstep.

What are the benefits of ionised oxygen?

You have most likely experienced this too - the air becomes clearer after a thunderstorm! In the vicinity of a waterfall or sea surf it is easier to breathe deeply and freely. This natural phenomenon is caused by negative ions which form as a result of corona discharge in the atmosphere. These then eliminate dust, bacteria and odours by physical means. This leads to clear and unused air. In our MeerKlimaSauna we follow nature's example in creating an oasis of fresh, healthy air.

What are the benefits of spending time in salt steam?

Salt steam is highly soothing to the airways - you are literally breathing in health. The micro-fine salt particles enter via mouth and nose to deep down in the bronchial tubes and lung. This leads to improved hydration and blood flow of the airways. Persistent mucous is loosened, and inflammation stopped. This eases breathing for people with chronic respiratory disorders and allergies. The natural self-cleaning effect of the respiratory tubes can be noticeably improved. Regular visits to our MeerKlimaSauna can therefore improve the health of the respiratory system. The micro-crystalline salt steam is also beneficial to the skin and relieves discomfort. It improves blood circulation, promotes cell metabolism and removes dead skin cells. This will noticeably relieve chronic skin complaints. At the same time, moisture is bound within the upper skin layers, de-stressing the skin, making it supple and smooth make it once more fresh, beautiful and glowing with health and vitality. In our MeerKlimaSauna we use only high-quality Dead Sea salt with a very high mineral content and medically proven curative effect.

In our MeerKlimaSauna situated in the Saunagarten, you can enjoy a relaxing sauna in a pleasant atmosphere at a mild temperature of 55°C. To benefit from the positive effects of this specific form of sauna, we recommend regular visits with a stay time of at least 20 - 25 minutes.