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Therme Running Group

Do you enjoy running, but would find it much more fun in a group? However, you would still like to remain independent. You want result-oriented running training, or would prefer to train just when you feel like it? Without any pressure to perform, but with like-minded people? Then our There running group meetup is just the right thing for you!

Our programme

  • Running training for everyone, whether old or young, beginner or expert
  • Groups with different performance levels with instruction by an expert
  • A special beginners' group for those who are new to the sport
  • We offer you the possibility of pulse- controlled training
  • Lectures and practical instruction on the subject of running

Meeting point: Mineraltherme Böblingen (main entrance)

Scheduled time: every Saturday at 3.30 p.m. in winter time and 4.30 p.m. in summer time.

The running meetup will take place regardless of the weather conditions. There is no need for registration.

For further details on the Therme Running Group meetup, please see