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The healthy way to use a sauna

A varied and exciting programm awaits sauna-goers. In addition to the Classic Sauna with four different sauna cabins and two steam rooms are already included in the price of your admission ticket, the attractive and harmoniously designed Saunagarten with six further thermal saunas as well as a well-proportioned Sauna Pool is available. 

A highlight of our Sauna Garden is the MeerKlimaSauna for strengthening your immune system in the long term, and is beneficial for respiratory disorders and skin complaints. Here you can enjoy healthy breathing air that is otherwise found only on the sea coast.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass unsere Saunen und Dampfbäder ausnahmslos textilfrei benutzt werden dürfen.

All you need to do for an enjoyable sauna session is to heed our Tipps für gesundes Saunieren sauna tips!