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Our wide variety of bathing facilities

Großes Außenbecken (32°C)

There is always something going on! Shower jets for neck massage, bubble loungers, whirlpool and cold plunge pool - as much healthy water as you will find anywhere! Enjoy this close-to-nature experience.

Kleines Außenbecken (35°C)

Small, but exceptional! Enjoy the pleasant water temperature, relax and daydream - no matter whether in beautiful sunshine or under a clear and starry sky.

Großes Innenbecken (31°C)

The lower water temperature of this wonderful pool beneath the impressive, glass-domed roof makes it ideal for starting off your thermal mineral bathing session. Relax and take a break from the grind of everyday life swimming for enjoyment.

Klang- und Bewegungsbecken (34°C)

This is the place for health-promoting movement! Our exercise classes are free of charge and help to keep you fit and healthy. This is naturally another place where  you can relax and feel comfortable –e.g. during our evening  Klangbaden with atmospheric underwater music (Monday to Friday).

Entspannungsbecken (36°C)

Our classical amenity! Enjoy the wonderfully invigorating thermal mineral water at any time of the year.