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The warm mineral thermal waters spring from a deep mineral water source.

From a depth of 775 m, the bubbling mineral spring emerges into daylight:
The mineral thermal water of the Mineraltherme Böblingen.

The mineral-rich water possesses the characteristic "fluoride-containing, sodium chloride thermal waters fully meets the properties, both in its chemical content and physical properties defined for spas, health resorts and mineral springs by the German Spa Association. According to the balneological review - performed according to the guidelines for a "Comprehensive curative water analysis" - the accessed mineral thermal water, because of its main ingredients and its temperatures is to be considered as healing water, and used accordingly.

Therapeutic indications of the thermal water: degenerative and chronic inflammatory diseases, rheumatic disorders;the treatment and after-care for patients injured by accidents, operations and disorders of the human musculoskeletal system and non-progressive paralysis.

Contraindications: acute inflammatory joint disorders; rapidly progressive paralysis.

Analysis performed at the Institute of Applied Chemistry by Prof. Ing. Chemiker Hans Gockel GmbH, Stuttgart Feuerbach
One litre of thermal water of the Mineraltherme Böblingen contains:

Kationen Milligramm
Lithium Li+ 8,1000
Natrium Na+ 1890,0000
Kalium K+ 106,0000
Ammonium NH4+ 1,1500
Magnesium Mg²+ 26,7400
Calcium Ca²+ 116,3000
Strontium Sr²+ 3,4600
Eisen Fe²+        7,9000
Summe der Kationen:         2159,6500
 Anionen Milligramm
Fluorid   5,1500
Chlorid CI¯ 2570,0000
Bromid Br¯ 0,1700
Nitrat NO3¯ 0,1100
Sulfat SO4²¯ 527,0000
Hydrogencarbonat HCO3¯ 811,3000
Hydrogenphosphat HPO4²¯     0,0150
Hydrogensulfid HS¯ 0,3400
Summe der Anionen:        3914,0850
Ionensumme: 6073,7350 Milligramm
Undissoziierte Stoffe    
Kieselsäure (meta) H2SiO3 53,0000
Borsäure (meta) HBO2 4,6600
Summe der gelösten Mineralstoffe:   6131,3950
Gelöste gasförmige Stoffe    
freies gelöstes Kohlendioxyd CO2 386,2000
Schwefelwasserstoff H2S4 0,5400
Sauerstoff O2 1,4000
Gelöste Stoffe insgesamt:   6519,5350
Gesamtsulfidschwefel S 0,8400