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"Sauna - the sheer essence of well-being!"

Sauna is a natural way to relaxation, beauty and well-being.

  • Strengthens the immune system and improves circulation
  • Cares for the skin and
  • Detoxifies the body

Regular visits to the sauna are

beneficial for

  • Disorders of the respiratory system
  • Regeneration after physical exertion or sports activities

and is generally good for our inner and outer well-being.

This is how to have an enjoyable sauna experience!

The sense of well-being after sauna bathing is unbeatable! A sauna is not just all about sweating. Sauna bathing is enjoyable - but you will get more out of your sauna session by doing this properly and safely.

For this reason, please heed our tips for safe and healthy sauna bathing!

"If it's worth having a sauna - it's worth doing it properly!

There is more to sweating than meets the eye. By deliberate, correct use of the sauna, and well thought out use of the other amenities it offers (rest areas,  Kneipp hydrotherapy hoses, cold plunge pool, and particularly the foot baths), you can get the full benefit of the positive effects of the sauna.

Follow our tips to make your sauna session a healthy and enjoyable experience!

A sauna round consists of the following basic steps:

  • Showering
  • Warming up phase
  • Slow cool-down phase
  • Rest phase

Never go into the sauna if you feel stressed-out, flustered and tired. You would be better to first relax and unwind in our thermal bathing facilities, or rest for a short while in one of our resting areas Please also note: you should never go into the sauna if you are hungry, or too soon after a large meal.

Schedule sufficient time for two, or better three rounds in the sauna.

Have a shower before going into the sauna, and then dry yourself. Dry skin starts to sweat sooner. A warm footbath before having a sauna also makes sweating easier.

Use your own personal intuition regarding the length of time you spend in the sauna do what feels right, 8-12 minutes are normally completely adequate.

An infusion during your sauna visit is practically indispensable for seasoned sauna guests, it should, however, be borne in mind that this does place a burden on the circulation. Do not try to test your maximum endurance - the only thing that is important is your bodily well-being. Here the rule applies: less is more. It is better to move down to a lower bank. You can also leave the sauna at any time.

After the warming up phase comes the cooling down phase. The full effect of the sauna only unfolds after a correct cooling down phase. It is best to go for a few minutes into the fresh air and cool the respiratory tract. If you would like to refresh using ice, shower or Kneipp hydrotherapy hoses, always move from the feet towards the heart. For sauna visitors with no health problems, an effective alternative is the cold plunge pool.

Enjoy the final quiet break and rest for at least the same amount of time as you have spent in the heat of the sauna cabin. First of all, wrap yourself up in dry towels or your bathrobe. This prevents catching a cold and allows you to experience the pleasant after-effect of the sauna.

In between each sauna round, a warm foot a warm footbath is highly recommended for regulating your body temperature.

Very important: as pleasant and cosy a sauna can be, three rounds at the most in the cabin will be absolutely sufficient. Any more than this will not increase the effect of sauna bathing, and will only continue to place an unnecessary burden on your circulation.

Another form of heat therapy is the steam bath, and the same basic rules apply as for the sauna.

And one final tip to conclude:
Sweating as well as frequent hydrotherapy applications are excellent for deep cleansing the skin. This is about as clean as your skin can x
get. For this reason it is not necessary use shower gel after using a sauna or steam bath. Instead of this, pamper you skin with moisturizer.